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This story began back in 2010, when Roodi Balgobin (Steve) returned from completing his studies in Russia and met some like-minded guys that wanted to start a band. Roodi and Imran were long time, close friends who always shared dreams of being in a band together and for Roodi, that was the perfect opportunity for the two to make that dream a reality. Imran, who was a former member of Feed the Flames, decided to take Roodi up on this idea of helping the young ones be a part of a kickass lineup.

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CB In the Beginning

First day meet and jam session

When all were gathered now to discuss the direction (name and other band related stuff), no one had a clue where they wanted to go with this. Imran said he had some personal materials that he wrote and gladly brought them forward, so everyone can have something to play. As they went along, he came up with a name everyone agreed upon: Celestial Burn.

CB 20Day 202_edited

Celestial Burn in 2011 gearing up for their debut gig

The band began now to grow as a unit and got their music in shape, and Roodi had pushed for the band’s debut at a gig where a band from Brazil (Antidemon) was performing. They got the spot to open the show. At the time the band had only completed 3 originals and that’s what they went to the front lines with. After a successful debut, the band tragically and quickly began to deteriorate. Everyone went their separate ways.


Imran's last gig with R.U.M, performing at "The Other Place"

After 7 long years, Imran, a part of Rock United Musicians, grew weary of all the upbeat hard rock, hair metal, mainstream songs, and decided he needed to venture and do the music he always wanted to play. He then decided to resurrect the name he had come up with “Celestial Burn”, seeking to recruit members to make this a reality. He decided along the path of a darker and much more sinister kind of sound for this new Celestial Burn. He wanted the band to be the first of this genre for the country. He became successful in finding a drummer (Berry Moffet), vocals (Oma Ragoo), a temporary bass guitarist and himself on guitars. They wasted no time and quickly began working on materials originals that Imran had already did. As the band was coming together, Imran brought Roodi up to speed with his new project and he quickly shared interest in being a part of it. He then became the new bass guitarist for the band. After a few months in, making progress and tightening up on their originals, Berry had to quit the band due to personal reasons that would hinder his performance with the band. That’s when Surrendra Persaud came in to the picture as the new drummer, was recruited and taught the songs that were already finished, making tremendous progress with the band thus far.


NEW Celestial Burn's debut gig in 2017

The band quickly received a great response from their debut gig and began to gather supporters of their own. They decided to waste no time and after 1 year of the new Celestial Burn they released an EP album.

The band went on to add a keyboardist (Nishanth Arepalli) who in his own way adds a new identity to the songs, adding crucial symphonic and atmospheric texture to the CB sound.

Closer to the present day, Roodi, former bassist, left his position as a musician in Celestial Burn due to his studies, yet still plays an active part of Managing the band.

In what seemed like a stroke of fate, a new bass player emerged before Roodi had even left. Nick, current bassist for Rock united musicians came into contact with Imran while at practice, and not long after was extended an invitation to take Roodi's place as bass guitarist for CB. Nick, being a fan of the band for a while, willingly accepted.

Now the band continues to strive and aims to push their music to as many borders that it can reach.

In conclusion, with your continued support and encouragement, this band can go far and beyond.

CB 20Day 204_edited

Performing their anniversary show "The Summoning Year One"

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